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  • Patient Information: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome August 9, 2022
    This JAMA Patient Page describes carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment options.
  • Achieving Diagnostic Excellence for Cancer August 9, 2022
    This Viewpoint discusses the need to expand early cancer detection to include both screening and symptom detection to achieve the goal of diagnostic excellence for cancer.
  • Making Electronic Health Records SAFER and SMARTER August 9, 2022
    This Viewpoint discusses shortcomings of current electronic health record (EHR) implementation, summarizes how the CMS SAFER Guides can in part address these shortcomings by lessening cognitive load of EHR tasks, and proposes a 7-dimension SMARTER Guide to further lessen cognitive load, increase cognitive support, and advance measurement and improvement of EHR technology.
  • Contraception in Women With Cardiovascular Disease August 9, 2022
    This JAMA Insights in Women’s Health series summarizes the prevalence of cardiovascular disease among women of childbearing age, the most effective forms of contraception based on the patient’s medical condition and preference, and the risks and adverse effects associated with contraindicated forms of contraception.