Care Team Forum®

This design features three (3) multidisciplinary or multispecialty clinical experts in a particular disease state along with one (1) patient living with the same disease. Collectively, these experts engage in an interactive panel discussion, augmented by slide presentations that provide evidence to support different aspects of the discussion, as well as audience polling questions that assess impact relative to the learning objectives. This design allows for a lively expert exchange that also involves the clinician learner directly.

Clinical faculty will incorporate patient case scenarios to demonstrate how their insights can be integrated into patient care. The patient highlights aspects of their own care process, with reference to key clinical points from the case scenarios and emphasis on capturing ‘teaching moments’ that demonstrate the differences between patient and provider perceptions of ideal patient care. Content includes discussion of patient engagement through shared decision making, encouraging clinicians to appropriately collaborate with patients. RMEI is a HIPAA Verified, compliant organization.