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  • Identification of Candidate Parkinson Disease Genes Using Genome-Wide Association Study, Expression, and Epigenetic Data Sets April 1, 2021
    This genetic association study investigates what genes and genomic processes underlie the risk of sporadic Parkinson disease.
  • JAMA Neurology April 1, 2021
    Mission Statement: The mission of JAMA Neurology is to publish scientific information primarily important for those physicians caring for people with neurologic disorders but also for those interested in the structure and function of the normal and diseased nervous system. These specific aims are (1) to make timely publication of original research of the nervous […]
  • Seizure Cycles in Focal Epilepsy April 1, 2021
    This cohort study uses data from continous intracranial electroencephalography and seizure diaries to investigate the prevalence, strength, and temporal patterns of seizure cycles over timescales of hours to years.