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New Treatments for SMA: Should We Offer Them to Adults?

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disorder and a devastating diagnosis for children and their families that can lead to death or a lifetime of severe disability and progressively limited mobility.


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The Evolving Role of Orexin-Based Therapy in Narcolepsy Type 1 Management

This Decision Support Aid serves as a quick reference to help clinicians to apply information to their daily practice and care of patients.
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Clearing the Path for the Accurate Diagnosis and Optimal Treatment of Bipolar Depression: A Clinical Convergence®

This Decision Support Aid serves as a quick reference to help clinicians to apply information to their daily practice and care of patients.


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  • Expanding Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke beyond Revascularization June 1, 2023
    Stroke continues to be a leading cause of disability and death. Although revascularization with thrombolysis and thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke has had a substantial effect on stroke outcomes, only a limited number of patients with stroke receive these treatments. Moreover, a sizeable proportion of patients treated with thrombolysis do...
    Jose G. Romano, Tatjana Rundek
  • Tirofiban for Stroke without Large or Medium-Sized Vessel Occlusion June 1, 2023
    In patients with stroke and patent large and medium-sized cerebral vessels, the glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor inhibitor tirofiban resulted in a greater likelihood of an excellent outcome than low-dose aspirin.
    Wenjie Zi, Jiaxing Song, Weilin Kong, Jiacheng Huang, Changwei Guo, Wencheng He, Yinquan Yu, Bo Zhang, Wanjie Geng, Xiaolin Tan, Yaoyu Tian, Zongtao Liu, Minghua Cao, Daoyou Cheng, Bo Li, Wenguo Huang, Junsheng Liu, Pengfei Wang, Zhou Yu, Hao Liang, Shuang Yang, Mingshan Tang, Wenhua Liu, Xianjun Huang, Shugai Liu, Yufeng Tang, Youlin Wu, Li Yao, Zhu Shi, Pengcheng He, Haojin Zhao, Zhuo Chen, Jun Luo, Yue Wan, Qiang Shi, Maorong Wang, De Yang, Xianglin Chen, Fang Huang, Jinlin Mu, Hao Li, Zhimin Li, Jingbang Zheng, Shunli Xie, Tieying Cai, Yuqi Peng, Weihua Xie, Zhongming Qiu, Chang Liu, Chengsong Yue, Linyu Li, Yan Tian, Dahong Yang, Jian Miao, Jie Yang, Jinrong Hu, Raul G. Nogueira, Duolao Wang, Jeffrey L. Saver, Fengli Li, Qingwu Yang, the RESCUE BT2 Investigators
  • Early versus Later Anticoagulation for Stroke with Atrial Fibrillation May 24, 2023
    In a large trial, the estimated incidence of stroke, systemic embolism, hemorrhage, or death was 2.8 percentage points lower to 0.5 percentage points higher with early than with later use of direct oral anticoagulants.
    Urs Fischer, Masatoshi Koga, Daniel Strbian, Mattia Branca, Stefanie Abend, Sven Trelle, Maurizio Paciaroni, Götz Thomalla, Patrik Michel, Krassen Nedeltchev, Leo H. Bonati, George Ntaios, Thomas Gattringer, Else-Charlotte Sandset, Peter Kelly, Robin Lemmens, P.N. Sylaja, Diana Aguiar de Sousa, Natan M. Bornstein, Zuzana Gdovinova, Takeshi Yoshimoto, Marjaana Tiainen, Helen Thomas, Manju Krishnan, Gek C. Shim, Christoph Gumbinger, Jochen Vehoff, Liqun Zhang, Kosuke Matsuzono, Espen Kristoffersen, Philippe Desfontaines, Peter Vanacker, Angelika Alonso, Yusuke Yakushiji, Caterina Kulyk, Dimitri Hemelsoet, Sven Poli, Ana Paiva Nunes, Nicoletta Caracciolo, Peter Slade, Jelle Demeestere, Alexander Salerno, Markus Kneihsl, Timo Kahles, Daria Giudici, Kanta Tanaka, Silja Räty, Rea Hidalgo, David J. Werring, Martina Göldlin, Marcel Arnold, Cecilia Ferrari, Seraina Beyeler, Christian Fung, Bruno J. Weder, Turgut Tatlisumak, Sabine Fenzl, Beata Rezny-Kasprzak, Arsany Hakim, Georgia Salanti, Claudio Bassetti, Jan Gralla, David J. Seiffge, Thomas Horvath, Jesse Dawson, the ELAN Investigators


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4 Years, 16 Live & Online Activities, 6000+ Clinicians: What we've learned so far

RMEI has released pairings of live and online programs approximately twice per year since 2016 grouped into “phases” which share clinical areas of focus and are based on findings from the previous phase of education. In total, 16 activities have launched to date with 4 activities currently live. The purpose of this analysis is to better understand the impact of multi-year iterative education on a clinical audience. Presented at: Society for Academic CME (SACME), virtual, February 2021; Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), virtual, April 2021.
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Effectiveness of 5-year IBD Provider Online Educational Intervention Program

There is considerable practice variability among providers caring for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. Limited data exists on the effectiveness of educational interventions targeting IBD providers to address these gaps. We report outcomes for a 5-year provider education training program which culminated in an enduring online education resource and clinical decision support tool.