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  • Adjuvant Alectinib in ALK-Rearranged NSCLC — Here and Now April 11, 2024
    In 2009, the groundbreaking Iressa Pan-Asia Study (IPASS)1 showed the activity of gefitinib, a first-generation epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), and marked a pivotal shift in the treatment of advanced non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) toward precision medicine. The trial highlighted the importance of identifying...
    Antonio Passaro, Solange Peters
  • Central Cyanosis in Acquired Methemoglobinemia April 11, 2024
    A 35-year-old man being treated for leprosy presented with a 4-day history of anxiety, insomnia, and resting tremor of the hands and feet. Bluish discoloration of the lips and tongue was seen on examination.
    Pankaj Das, Gautam Singh
  • Alectinib in Resected ALK-Positive Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer April 11, 2024
    In a trial of adjuvant treatment for patients with resected ALK-positive non–small-cell lung cancer, disease-free survival at 2 years was 93.6% with the ALK inhibitor alectinib and 63.7% with standard chemotherapy.
    Yi-Long Wu, Rafal Dziadziuszko, Jin Seok Ahn, Fabrice Barlesi, Makoto Nishio, Dae Ho Lee, Jong-Seok Lee, Wenzhao Zhong, Hidehito Horinouchi, Weimin Mao, Maximilian Hochmair, Filippo de Marinis, M. Rita Migliorino, Igor Bondarenko, Shun Lu, Qun Wang, Tania Ochi Lohmann, Tingting Xu, Andres Cardona, Thorsten Ruf, Johannes Noe, Benjamin J. Solomon, the ALINA Investigators*


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4 Years, 16 Live & Online Activities, 6000+ Clinicians: What we've learned so far

RMEI has released pairings of live and online programs approximately twice per year since 2016 grouped into “phases” which share clinical areas of focus and are based on findings from the previous phase of education. In total, 16 activities have launched to date with 4 activities currently live. The purpose of this analysis is to better understand the impact of multi-year iterative education on a clinical audience. Presented at: Society for Academic CME (SACME), virtual, February 2021; Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), virtual, April 2021.
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Effectiveness of 5-year IBD Provider Online Educational Intervention Program

There is considerable practice variability among providers caring for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. Limited data exists on the effectiveness of educational interventions targeting IBD providers to address these gaps. We report outcomes for a 5-year provider education training program which culminated in an enduring online education resource and clinical decision support tool.