Clinical Consults®

This design utilizes HD video or video conferencing to showcase the insights from three (3) specialist faculty as they come together to resolve challenging patient cases submitted by community-based clinicians across the United States. These cases are solicited through a nationwide media campaign encompassing prior educational activities, podcast, internet radio, and HTML e-mails, and only a select few cases are chosen in each iteration. Others are archived for use in future research. Another key feature of this design is the inclusion of interactive questions that allow learners to engage with the cases and participate in management decisions.

This educational design provides an insightful, lively dialogue between experts and creates a meaningful connection between leaders in the field and those clinicians in busy community practice. Learners will gain privileged insights into the treatment strategies of medical experts, where each faculty provides opinions and suggestions to the selected patient challenge. RMEI is a HIPAA Verified, compliant organization.