Clinical Sprints ®

Ready…Set….Learn!  It is a race to understanding in this educational design, which harnesses key fundamentals of microlearning to engage learners in an exciting, fast-paced, and interactive experience. During each segment, learners participate in a relay-type race comprised of a series of “Sprints” focused on discrete clinical concepts or medical evidence. Each “Sprint” concludes with a Challenge Question that provides an immediate assessment on how well learners assimilated the presented information. It also serves as a “Baton Pass” to enter subsequent “Sprints”, punctuated by transitional animations that reflect a successful Baton Pass or a misstep caused by an incorrect response. Learners repeat this process until they finish the final “Sprint” and answer the last Challenge Question to cross the finish line. This design features up to four (4) clinical experts discussing key aspects of patient care and/or interpreting key findings from recent clinical trials. RMEI is a jointly accredited provider and a HIPAA-verified compliant organization.